Eladó nyaraló, Horvátország

520 m² | vendégház


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The house is situated in Southern Dalmacia, in the south-western corner of the Peljesac peninsula, in the city of Orebic about 100 km far from Dubrovnik neighbouring the famous Korcula island. This area is rightfully famous for its sights and historical monuments. Moreover, it’s also a renowned wine-growing region. Its flagship wine, the Dignac is considered to be one if the 10 best wines in the world.

The house is located 120 m far from the sandy seashore of the Peljeski Riviera surrounded by rocky cliffs. There is a public beach right in front of the house popular with families with children.

The 15-year-old motel is an earthquake-proof, convenient and aesthetic building. (The house was planned, designed and built/constructed thoroughly from every aspect, such as the foundations, walls, concreting, electricity etc. – The whole plan and construction documentation is available).

The guests are welcomed by a huge palm tree, leanders and some more exotic plants in the 520 m2 house which is also surrounded by a fence. There is also a parking lot behind the house offering spots for 5 cars. The parking lot is surrounded by a small a kiwi and vineyard trellis. You can also find a yard behind the house which is full of fruit (orange, lemon, clementine, fig, peach) trees. A playground was also built in the yard which is a great place for children to play and have some fun.

The house has 4 floors accommodating 10 rooms altogether. Each room has an “own” bathroom (Room 2 and 3 and room 7 and 8 has a shared bathroom) equipped with a bathtub, sink and toilet. All the rooms are furnished with bedside tables, beds and wardrobes. All the rooms have a balcony and overlook the see (room 2 and 3 and room 7 and 8 shares one balcony).

All the rooms have a fan, an air conditioner and fridge. Furthermore, there is a suite in the house where a living room, a wardrobe and 2 bedrooms offer comfort for the guests. The suite is furnished with a settee, beds and Swiss wooden pieces of furniture and has an own bathroom. On the 2 sides you can find a 60m2 terrace covered with limestone.